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Hospitality House Trading Est was established in 2015 to build the national creative thinking and turn it products which can serve Arab and GCC citizens. The aim of the establishment of the institution was to achieve its ambitious vision and complete belief in the importance of developing original hospitality products and spread them out of Gulf scope to reach all over the world. Our message

Our Message

  1. To find technical solves for the Arab Hospitality organization with keeping the traditional characteristics.
  2. To build the symbol of Arab and Gulf hospitality (Arabian Coffee) to be included in the large hot drinks in international coffee shops.
  3. To highlight the importance of the Heritage of original Arab Generosity and to present it with its original taste and flavor in a modern style.
  4. To raise the safety and security standard in the ways of preparing hot drinks.
  5. To increase the level of rationalization and not wasting hospitality materials.

Our Goals

to lead Gulf Market and to take the leading position in providing hospitality requirements and services especially the symbol of genuine Arab hospitality (Arabian Coffee).

Our Speciality

Electronic Arabic Coffee Maker, Travelling Coffee Maker, Organic Arabic Coffee and Other Small Home Appliances