How to Prepare Arabic Coffee in Saudi Style

If you’re bored of your everyday coffee routine, try something different. Arabic Coffee is strong, it’s free of sweets, and it’s beautifully fragranced, thanks a weighty dose of cardamom. Here’s the first thing you need to know about Arabic coffee: there are many variations on how to prepare it, about as many as there are countries where it’s enjoyed ― Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Oman. But Arabic coffee culture runs deep in this area, so there are some constants.

Arabic coffee is not made over a filter - it is boiled beans

Arabic coffee is conventionally made in a special coffee pot called Arab dalla - but it can also be made in a regular Arabic Coffee Maker pot on the stove.  To make the Arabic coffee, lightly roasted beans are ground into a powder and added straight to boiling water - often times with cardamom, if the cardamom was not already ground into the coffee beans - and left for roughly 8-13 minutes. After roasting, coffee is allowed to settle for a minute or two to allow the grounds to fall to the bottom of the pot.

Arabic coffee is traditionally served without sweet

Arabic coffee is destined to taste bitter and healthy. It is often served alongside dates (or additional sweet treat) to counter the bitterness. Even though, it should be noted that these days sugar does sometimes make an appearance.

Arabic coffee is fragranced

Spices play an important role in Arabic coffee the most commonly spice used is cardamom. It is added in large sizes. Cardamom is occasionally ground with the coffee beans and boiled along with the coffee. Else, it is added to the coffee after a first boil, and then boiled once more everything together. Saffron, Cloves (which gives it a golden color) and sometimes rosewater makes an appearance in Arabic coffee.

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Saudi Qahwa Ingredients

 This is a fact that the way of making Saudi Qahwa coffee or Arabic Qahwa coffee varies widely from place to place due to differences in the quality and type of Arabic Coffee beans, different flavoring or spices added to it. Still, you generally need the following elements to make Saudi Qahwa Coffee.

Arabic Qahwa Coffee powder – 3Tb

Water - 3 cups

Crushed cardamom - 1tbs

Cloves- 5-6

Saffron- a pinch

Rose water- 1t-spoon

Grind Arabic coffee beans

You can buying Arabic Coffee beans either ground or roasted. Some stores deal Qahwa Coffee beans mixed with some special flavors and spices. You can also purchase unroasted Saudi coffee beans and roast them yourself. Grind the Arabic gava beans in a grinder if it isn’t pre-ground. You can grind it in good powder form or keep a bit coarse particles, depends on your choice. The Arabic Qahwa Coffee powder is also available in the souk which would not need you to grind the beans.

Boil 3 cups of water for Arabic Qahwa

Boil 3 cups of water in the Dallah or saucepan on medium flame. Remove Arabic coffee pot from the stove and let it cool slightly. Now add the preferred amount of Arabic coffee powder and put it back on the stove

Add cardamom and cloves in Arabic Qahwa

Turn off the flame and remove it from the stove and let it cool for some time. Then add cloves and ground cardamom as per your need. Return your Arabic coffee back to the stove and take it to boil repeating the method again. Again take it away from the stove for the foam and Arabic Qahwa to settle down.


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